Divorce as peacefully as possible

A more peaceful, even friendly divorce is possible through divorce mediation. Spouses discuss and decide divorce terms cooperatively with help from a mediator. In Pennsylvania, husbands and wives who choose a mediation divorce may divorce peacefully—without fighting attorneys and without setting foot in court.

About 9 in 10 couples who try divorce mediation amicably decide divorce terms that otherwise would go to court:

A divorce mediator assists spouses in discussing and deciding all  important topics related to their divorce. To help husbands and wives make informed decisions, a mediator also provides helpful information about divorce which may include:

A divorce mediator who is an attorney licensed in Pennsylvania can further assist by:

Divorce Mediator Dann Johns Dann Stuart Johns, J.D.
Divorce Mediator & Attorney

  • 1985 graduate Pennsylvania State University, B.A. Political Science
  • 1988 graduate Dickinson School of Law, Juris Doctor
  • 1988 PA Bar admission
  • Member of Academy of Professional Family Mediators
  • Member of Pennsylvania Council of Mediators
  • Member of Association for Conflict Resolution

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An entire Pennsylvania divorce—from initial consultation through decree—can be completed in a mediator's office. Choosing a mediation divorce empowers husbands and wives to cooperatively decide their terms, then divorce without going to court.

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Parents may find divorce mediation to be especially valuable. In Pennsylvania, mothers and fathers may decide child custody and child support terms without going to court. Also, a mediation divorce may help reduce divorce conflict, improve parental communication and build cooperation—for a more positive parenting relationship.

Divorce mediation helps spouses divorce as peacefully as possible

Most of my clients want to avoid unnecessary conflict. They have decided to divorce, but wish for a positive relationship during and after divorce. If parents, they also want a peaceful and supportive environment for their children.

Spouses can have a harmonious, friendly, peaceful divorce with help from a divorce mediator. Unlike divorce lawyers who choose sides and argue, a mediator will:

Dann Johns, Divorce Mediator & Attorney

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Unlike divorce attorneys who treat spouses like adversaries and fight in court, a divorce mediator is:

Working together we can make divorce peaceful—as peaceful as possible.

Benefits of divorce mediation

A mediation divorce can benefit spouses and families in many ways:

Is divorce mediation right for your divorce?

Consider sharing this website with your spouse. If both of you are interested in divorce mediation, the next step is to schedule an initial consultation with divorce mediator Dann Johns.

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