What is divorce mediation?

Divorce mediation is spouses cooperatively discussing and deciding divorce terms, with help from a mediator. About 9 in 10 spouses who try a mediation divorce complete their Pennsylvania divorce without setting foot in court.

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The three most important things to know about divorce mediation are:

  1.  Husbands and wives discuss and decide divorce terms together, with help from a divorce mediator.
  2.  The divorce mediator remains impartial—never picking sides for or against either spouse or parent.
  3.  In divorce mediation, the mediator provides helpful information, and makes sure spouses discuss all  important divorce topics.

Role of spouses in divorce mediation

In a mediation divorce, spouses have two important roles:

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Some divorcing couples come in with many divorce terms already worked out. Others come without any idea of where to start. Either way, they want their mediator to make sure they discuss all important matters.

Role of divorce mediator

Often spouses are not aware of all issues they may face when divorcing. There are many legal topics, tax issues, financial considerations and parenting matters to address. A divorce mediator ensures they discuss all  important topics.

Often husbands and wives need more information to make informed decisions. A divorce mediator can provide information to both spouses. A few examples of helpful information a divorce mediator can provided:

A divorce mediator who is a licensed attorney in Pennsylvania can draft necessary legal documents, assist with filing a no-fault divorce pleading, and secure a mutual consent divorce decree from a Pennsylvania court.

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❝An entire mediation divorce that includes discussing and deciding terms, signing Pennsylvania legal documents, and getting a mutual consent Pennsylvania decree can be completed in my office.❞

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Always, a divorce mediator works to make divorce as peaceful as possible. The calm, patient and humble presence of a divorce mediator helps spouses discuss and decide important—even difficult—issues.

Steps in a mediation divorce

In Pennsylvania, a mediation divorce has three steps:

  1.  Spouses and their mediator meet for one or more 3-hour discussions.
  2.  Terms of divorce are written, reviewed and signed.
  3.  When both spouses are ready, a Pennsylvania no-fault divorce may be filed and finalized.

Spouses decide their own pace. They may move quite quickly—or slowly—in deciding terms of agreement. Pennsylvania divorce law does  set mandatory waiting periods between filing for divorce and finalizing a decree. Learn about how much time it takes to divorce in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania divorce with one lawyer

Pennsylvania law permits a lawyer, working as a divorce mediator, to assist both spouses with their divorce. By choosing a divorce mediator who is an attorney licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania, spouses may complete their entire  Pennsylvania divorce in the privacy of their divorce mediator's office.

Dann Johns, Divorce Mediator and Attorney

❝Husbands and wives are not required to hire any other lawyer to complete their mediation divorce. Their entire Pennsylvania divorce—from initial consultation through divorce decree—can be handled in my office. Of course, either spouse may seek legal advice from their own lawyer. I fully support each spouse's choice whether or not to involve their own attorney.❞

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Not all divorce mediators are lawyers. Some divorce mediators have backgrounds in psychology, social work, financial planning, or other professions.

Is divorce mediation right for your Pennsylvania divorce?

Consider sharing this website with your spouse. If both of you are interested in divorce mediation, the next step is to schedule a divorce mediation consultation with Dann Johns, Divorce Mediator & Attorney.