How much does a divorce mediation case cost?

In my office, a typical divorce mediation case costs a family about $3,300 to $4,900 and includes:

Lump sum payment is not  required. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and personal checks are accepted for payment.

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A divorce mediation case will cost more if:

Even with these extra services, a mediation divorce tends to cost thousands of dollars less than hiring lawyers to fight over divorce terms.

How are divorce mediation fees set?

In my office, fees are based on services needed in your mediation divorce. In Pennsylvania, most spouses need these services:

My fees for the services listed above range from $3,300 to $4,900, depending on difficulty of issues and whether one session or two sessions are needed. A written estimate of fees is provided at an initial consultation about divorce mediation.

Dann Johns, Divorce Mediator and Attorney

❝Husbands and wives are not required to hire any other lawyer to complete their mediation divorce. Their entire Pennsylvania divorce—from initial consultation through divorce decree—can be handled in my office. Of course, either spouse may seek legal advice from their own lawyer. I fully support each spouse's choice whether or not to involve their own attorney.❞

–Dann Johns

Some spouses may want or need more services than mentioned above. A mediation divorce can include:

These services add to the cost of a mediation divorce, but are not  needed in every case.

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Necessary services are discussed at an initial consultation, then listed in a written estimate of mediation divorce fees. This way spouses know in advance what their divorce mediation case will cost.

How are divorce mediation fees paid?

Mediation divorce fees are “pay as you go” in my office. Instead of paying a large deposit at the start of a case (required by many divorce attorneys), you pay per service you request. Here is how it works:

“Pay as you go” gives spouses the option of spreading the cost of their mediation divorce over several months. Accepted forms of payment include:

Tips for keeping cost of divorce mediation low

  • Communicate with your spouse:  The more terms of agreement you work out together, the less time spent in discussions with your mediator—which saves on divorce mediation fees.
  • Cooperate with your spouse:  Working together is essential for building an out-of-court divorce agreement.
  • Avoid threats of fighting in court:  Threats can stop progress toward an agreement.

Dann Johns will be able to offer more tips—specific to your case—at an initial consultation about divorce mediation.

Mediation divorce tends to be the least costly way to divorce in Pennsylvania. In divorce mediation, spouses can share the fees of one mediator instead of each paying their own lawyer to fight in court.

Is divorce mediation right for your Pennsylvania divorce?

Consider sharing this website with your spouse. If both of you are interested in a mediation divorce, the next step is to schedule a divorce mediation consultation with Dann Johns, Divorce Mediator & Attorney.